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About Us – Event Insurance Quote.com

We pride ourselves on a personal approach to a web product – meaning we’re here for you if you need the help, but we’re behind the scenes if you don’t. We started as a small company with one owner-operator and have grown steadily since, offering an insurance experience with big league security but mom-and-pop service.

Event Insurance Quote  is an online platform for Special Event Insurance and Entertainment Risks Insurance. We have specialized in entertainment industry insurance products for over thirty years. We are proud to offer this simple online resource for single events which allows individuals, event planners, facilities, and agents/brokers to instantly quote and bind coverage online for many types of events nationwide. Long-term and annual policies are also available.

We offer special event insurance in all states through our easy-to-use online application. Our online application allows you to quote and purchase your event insurance easily and instantly, and is appropriate for events lasting from one day to ten days in length. Our experienced staff will be able to assist you with any questions or requests regarding special event insurance.

About Us - Event Insurance Quote.com

Our Experience

Our knowledge of the industries we serve is the core of Event Insurance Quote.com’s success; decades of experience provide us with an in-depth perspective of the unique issues specific to the markets we serve. Through active involvement in industry associations, trade organizations, events, conventions and meetings, our staff stays well-informed of current issues and trends.

Each of the specialty insurance programs that we offer have been carefully researched to best ensure that EIQ is a consistent resource for competitive insurance provided through financially sound insurance companies. The insurance marketplace is an ever-changing environment, but with effective planning, expertise and a desire to succeed, EIQ is positioned to remain a leader in its field.

EIQ has developed a reputation for creating innovative and cost effective risk management programs for specific business niches such as entertainment, recreation, equestrian and agribusiness. We deliver value by working in partnership with clients, companies and producer associates. This team approach reinforces our commitment to focus on quality, innovation and profitability.

Our Team

We are dedicated to delivering customer service in extraordinary and memorable ways that sets EIQ apart from our competitors. Our existing products are constantly reviewed and refined to make certain they are meeting the distinct needs of the customers. Other competitive advantages are the risk management expertise we share with agents and policyholders in the industry niches in which we compete as well as our financial strength. 

We at E.I.Q have crafted a unique special event insurance policy to make sure that your special event is properly protected. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or retirement party, our special event insurance policies can help take the stress out of your special day.

Agents and Brokers

Our online platform allows agents and brokers nationwide to instantly quote and bind several classes of special events. We offer 10% commission on most products, higher rates are offered upon production benchmarks, and no volume commitment. Our online program offers only admitted broad form Commercial General Liability which includes host liquor protection. In addition to the CGL limit, other online coverage’s available include: Umbrella, Liquor Liability, and Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability. These are offered with no deductible.


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