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Sports Events and Tournaments

Custom insurance for sports events, tournaments, running events and more!

Organizing or officiating a local sports league or single day sports event can be an exciting job. The organizers are responsible for the well-being of the participants, coaches, officials and spectators. No one thinks about insurance until someone gets hurt. Sporting Event Insurance is an expense, but also peace of mind for a race host or tournament organizer, So why not be ahead of the game, and let us help you get covered for your next event! can help you with a perfect liability insurance policy for any type of athletic event. Sports Event insurance coverage can be placed for all sporting events, such as amateur sports leagues, team leagues, tournaments, triathlons, clinics, etc., 

Whether your team is playing baseball, football, or soccer, all sports are energetic, dynamic happenings where accidents can occur. Our Sporting Event Insurance provides the insurance you need for all your athletic events.

All Types of Athletes, from Karate to Football and Hockey and any other sport you can imagine. Sporting Event Insurance - Sport Event Insurance.

Insurance for Sporting Events

In just a moment, your financial stability and security can suddenly crash down around you.

This program for youth and adult leagues covers most sports and sports camps and is available in all states. No matter what sport you are involved in – football, baseball, basketball, soccer, or another team sport. We can help you find the sports insurance you need! With the tremendous risks that are present at athletic and recreational events, your financial well-being depends on how well you minimize risk and how protected you are for the times that risk becomes reality. That’s why sports event insurance is so important.

Team sports involve teamwork, fitness, competition, fun, excitement, winning and losing. On any given day, you see multitudes of teams practicing and playing many different sports throughout your community. Coaches, players and fans are having a great time, but sometimes things do go wrong. A player experiences a concussion when tackled, or a foul ball hits a spectator or car. In order to fully enjoy your team and your sport, you need to insure yourself and your participants from liability and injuries. Sport Event Insurance is specifically designed to protect youth and sports events from all the risks they face.

Youth Sports Statistics

  • 35 million kids play organized youth sports each year
  • 60% play outside of school
  • 66% are boys
  • 52% are girls

What Does Sports Event Insurance Cover?

Sports team insurance protects millions of kids and adults who play organized sports every year. Our Insurance policies include a combination of risk protections that insure teams, leagues, associations, and clubs against the risks of youth and adult sports activities. You can purchase a complete package or customize a policy that meets the needs of your particular organization and sport.

Liability insurance is a key part of this policy. Liability insurance covers your organization, participants, volunteers and employees if a claim arises from a covered activity.

Purchasing appropriate coverage not only protects you and your organization from financial disaster; it may also provide needed liability coverage for bodily and property damage that occurs to participants, spectators and the facility owner and is often required by the facility. For example, if a spectator trips and is injured while attending your event or if the gymnasium floor is damaged during setup, liability coverage will cover the damages; purchasing liability coverage provides financial protection and peace of mind.

  • Covered activities consist of organized and supervised practices, games, try-outs, tournaments, play-offs and other events.
  • Sports event insurance can insure events you host.
  • You can include additional events, such as fundraising projects, picnics, award banquets and more.

Participant Liability and Accident Coverage

Participant liability coverage provides coverage’s for participants in youth sports events and tournaments. It protects your organization or team, as well as your directors and supervisors, from lawsuits that can result if a player or participant is severely injured. Some insurance providers limit this coverage, so make sure your sports team liability policy fully covers your activities. In addition to participant injury, a liability policy shields you from lawsuits or claims related to property damage, libel, slander, false arrest and more.

Another major coverage you need to consider is participant accident insurance. This covers a player or coach if injured in the course of a supervised sports team activity, which includes sponsored games, practices, clinics, travel and more! As an excess medical policy, this type of insurance typically pays what is left over after the participant’s health insurance has paid its portion.

Flexible Sport Insurance

We offer insurance for Sporting Events on almost any sport you can think of, including but NOT limited to the below.

We provide both adult and youth sport event insurance packages. They are designed to meet every participant’s needs, from the players and fans, to the coaches, managers and facility owners.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Competitive Dance
  • Dance-Ballroom/Recreational
  • Football (Flag or Touch)
  • Golf
  • Kickball
  • Lacrosse
  • Pickleball
  • Racquetball
  • Soccer (YOUTH Only)
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • and Much More!

How does sports event liability protect your event?

We offer liability protection for a variety of short-term sports tournaments and events. We’ll protect you, your employees and volunteers from bodily injury and property damage claims which result from accidents that happen at the event or its related activities.

We have short-term and annual policies designed to last the length of an event or an entire season all with various options of coverage to meet your organization’s specific insurance needs.