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Binding Authority and Commission 
Our Wholesale Model
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Our Wholesale Model

We strive to be the number one resource for sports, leisure and entertainment insurance.
We are dedicated to providing fast and efficient service to licensed independent agents and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our online platform allows agents and brokers nationwide to instantly quote and bind several classes of special events. We offer 10% commission on all products. The online program offers only admitted broad form Commercial General Liability which includes host liquor protection. In addition to the CGL limit, other online coverage’s available include: Umbrella, Liquor Liability, and Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability. These are offered with no deductible.

Call  (800) 874-9191 to discuss your next submission.

Event Insurance imposes no volume commitments. Our goal is to make it easy for licensed producers to place business with us. No prior appointment or agreement is necessary to submit applications for a coverage quotation.

Where to start?

EIQ administers a large number of programs and is staffed with experienced representatives ready to :   

  • Answer questions about EIQ programs 
  • Help determine if an account may fit one of our programs
  • Explain submission procedures
  • Identify needed applications and supplemental underwriting information


Instant Policy Documents

All of our documents are produced immediately after payment. Any new or revised documents that are created after the finial payment are also created instantly.

Instant Appointment 

All producer appointments are processed in real time. We strive to ask as few questions as possible. 

Instant Payments

All payments are made with credit or debit cards. We do this so we can quickly collect payment and issue documents without any waiting period. 

Instant Help

We are available to help whenever needed via our online chat, a phone call or email. We have found that this method is optimal for compensating our producers the fastest.


Below Market Pricing

50% Less than our competitors

Typically, our prices are over 50% less than what would be considered market rate for this type of insurance. We offer these low prices as a way to entice our producers into offering our programs to their clients.

Compensation Methods

All brokers get up to 10% commission on all premiums they write.


Software Made Right

What You Can Expect

Producers can expect that our software is going to be fast, secure and easy to understand. All of our systems are developed to fit the insurance products we offer perfectly. Our in-house programming staff works around the clock to make sure every experience with our software is easy as can be.

Ease of Access 

All of our software systems are designed to reduce the back and forth nature of insurance. We try to produce all documents, take all payments and load all pages as fast as we can. We want our producers to be as productive as possible, and reducing the amount of back and forth is just one of many ways we work to achieve this goal.


One Appointment, Many New Markets

Future Markets

We are currently negotiating with carriers many new programs to bring to this online marketplace. All of our producers will gain instant access to our new markets as we get them.

Our Appointment Process

Our registration process requires only five minutes to get appointed. Once appointed, a producer will have access to all of our markets and compensation methods instantly.


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